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NASUWT North East

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The NASUWT is the ONLY union dedicated to teachers.

  • be part of the only union dedicated to teachers and headteachers throughout the UK;

  • have access to national advice lines, dedicated National Centres in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and a network of Regional Centres in England, all backed up with free specialist employment law advisers;

  • be eligible for accredited professional development and training, a nationwide programme of seminars for newly qualified teachers, leaders and supply teachers, and a series of equalities consultation conferences - all FREE;

  • be part of the collective voice of teachers lobbying and campaigning to protect and improve your professional status and working conditions;

  • be eligible for a range of exclusive member benefits, including insurance offers, High St discounts and legal services that puts money back in your pocket.

Here is a message from the NASUWT General Secretary Dr Patrick Roach as he explains why you should join NASUWT.

            Students                                    NQTs                      Experienced teachers

Student, SCITT and PGCE resources can be found in our Student Hub.
Young Professor
Experienced teachers

There are hundreds of resources and videos to help members at every stage in their career on our national website.

Visit for more information, including:-

  • How to join

  • Recruit a friend

  • Better Deal for Teachers
  • Student hub

  • Coronavirus hub/FAQs

  • Pay scales

  • Performance Management/Appraisal

  • Training

  • Events

  • Conferences

  • Webinars

  • Health and Safety

  • Mental Health Toolkit

  • Menopause Toolkit

"The NASUWT invests in the provision of free, high-quality education and training courses for all its members and representatives across the UK.
Members are the lifeblood of the NASUWT and our lay activists are the Union’s beating heart".

Subscription fees 2023

Our Mission
Subscription rates 2023.png

Here are the subscription rates for 2023, along with the payment periods and discounts for part-time and retired members.

Teachers who join the NASUWT for the first time will receive 6 months' FREE membership, providing they agree to pay by direct debit and provide their bank details.

The cost for a teacher working full time is £17.66 per month or £212.98 per year (including political fund) and this is less for part time teachers, depending on their contracted hours of work.

Unlike other Unions NASUWT has no hidden fees or local levies so you can rest assured that the NASUWT, the teachers' union, is the best value for money.

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The image shows a teacher using her laptop to join NASUWT online.
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