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NASUWT North East

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NASUWT National Conference 2023 will take place 7th - 10th April at the SEC (Scottish Event Campus) in Glasgow.

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The NASUWT Annual Conference 2023 will take place between 7th and 10th April 2023 at the SEC (Scottish Event Campus) in Glasgow.  The National Executive has also confirmed that a Rules Conference will take place immediately prior to Annual Conference on Friday 7 April starting at 9am.

The Scottish Event Campus is located on the north bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow, on the former site of the Queens Dock in Finnieston. It is the largest exhibition centre in Scotland and hosts a wide variety of conferences, exhibitions, concerts, and sporting events.

NASUWT Annual Conference is the main decision-making body of the Union. It debates and determines the Union’s policies to address the issues that are critical to the working lives of teachers and school leaders and the future of education.

It also features a range of training sessions, fringes, an exhibition and the opportunity to hear from key figures in the education world, as well as the opportunity to network and meet teachers from across the UK and beyond.

Conference is attended by over 1,000 elected representatives from all the UK’s constituent nations, as well as by visitors and guests from across the world.

Paperless Conference & Conference App

As part of the Union’s commitment to increased sustainability, Annual Conference is now substantially paperless. All Conference information is available via both the NASUWT Conferences and Events app and the national NASUWT website.

Attendees will be issued with joining instructions on how to download the app and a unique QR code for their Conference badge, giving access to allow members to print out their own Conference badge on arrival.

To attend National Conference 2023 you must complete and return the form below by the 6th January 2023. For more information about National Conference 2023 including

Nominations - deadline approaching 6th January 2023;

Video welcome to Glasgow by Lord Provost;

Paperless Conference and Conference app;

Documentation and live streaming of Conference;

Conference accommodation;

Conference crèche;

Disability access and dietary requirements;

Travel and activities in Glasgow.

Then click on the 'View All' button and log in to the National Website.



With around 14 500 members in the North East and over 340 000 members across the UK, NASUWT is one of the only trade Unions that represents solely teachers.

NASUWT, the Teachers’ Union, provides unrivalled protection, benefits and support for teachers, from professional advice and legal support to High Street discounts and free training.
By ‘putting teachers first’, the NASUWT works to enhance the status of the teaching profession to deliver real improvements to teachers’ working lives, seeking to ensure they are recognised and rewarded as highly skilled professionals with working conditions that enable them to focus on their core role of teaching.

Dr Patrick Roach our new General Secretary.
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To support teachers in their core role of teaching at every stage in their career and to have a voice in every workplace.

We provide excellent free CPD, webinars, conferences and resources.

Be the change - Become a School Rep or Health & Safety Rep, a Mental Health First Aider or attend one of our events.

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