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NASUWT Campaign Plan 2022/2023

The events of the last two years have undoubtedly turbocharged the pressures on our members, but we are ready and determined to take action to put teachers first.

Strike action FAQs.

Foreword to NASUWT 2022 Campaign Plan by the General Secretary

We stand united with our fellow trade unionists at home and around the world - united in our shared determination to speak out against injustice and to stand up for the rights of working people. And united in our conviction that education is the most powerful weapon in the fight for peace.

Our fight for education and for the rights of working people begins right here, right now. It starts with the priorities set at our Annual Conference on workload, pay, the wellbeing of teachers and pupils, on equalities and the fight against racism and misogyny.

We will take forward this Campaign Plan into workplaces, Local Associations, regionally and nationally to secure a Better Deal for All Teachers.

We will not stand by whilst employers play fast and loose with our members’ terms and conditions of service or fail to uphold the standards we expect or who believe it’s okay to threaten teachers with the sack in order to drive down their pensions, pay and working conditions.

And we applaud our members across the country who have already taken a stand, fought back and won, demonstrating the power of our Union, successfully defending their pensions, pay and working conditions and winning the right to be consulted properly on future changes to their terms and conditions.

And whilst we will always challenge bad employment practices, we will also redouble our efforts to demand better from all governments and administrations: fair pay, respect for rights at work, better support for teachers and headteachers, and action to tackle the impact of the cost of living crisis.

That is what it means to be the NASUWT.

The events of the last two years have undoubtedly turbocharged the pressures on our members, but we are ready and determined to take action to put teachers first.

Join with us and join in and help us deliver our agenda for change and for a Better Deal for All Teachers.

Dr Patrick Roach

To find out more about A Better Deal for England's Teachers

In the news

After 12 years of pay erosion, teachers are now facing the biggest squeeze on their living standards for half a century
Energy bills alone have shot up by 54%, but the value of teachers’ pay has slumped by 20%. Now two in three teachers are being forced consider how much longer they can afford to remain in the profession. 
To prevent an unprecedented retention crisis and protect the future of education, the NASUWT believes teachers must receive a 12% pay award this year.
NASUWT members from across the UK took part in the largest demonstration of working people in a decade yesterday, marching for a better deal for teachers as part of a national cost of living rally in Central London.
Dr Patrick Roach, NASUWT General Secretary, said:
“The country faces an existential emergency for the future of the teaching profession". 
“Teachers are suffering, not only from the cost of living crisis, which the whole country is grappling with, but 12 years of real terms pay cuts which has left a 20% shortfall in the value of their salaries". 
“If the Government and the pay review body reject a positive programme of restorative pay awards for teachers, then we will be asking our members whether they are prepared to take national industrial action in response".
“The Government wrongly assumed teachers would simply stand by as they erode pay and strip our education system to the bone. But this weekend thousands of teachers, from every corner of the UK, joined together to demonstrate our strength, unity and determination to stand up and to fight back". 
“Our message is clear and has now been delivered directly to the Government on their doorstep. We will not allow cuts to our members' pay and attacks on their pensions. If a pay rise is not awarded, it will be won by our members in workplaces through industrial action.”

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