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Strike Action FAQs

In my school there are quite a few people taking strike action. I know NASUWT members  are getting reballotted, but in the meantime should I stay at home when they are on strike?

Where a trade union is taking strike action and establishes a picket line, refusal to cross it would render a teacher who is not in that union liable to disciplinary action, including the deduction of salary, as it would be seen as participating in unlawful industrial action.

What happens if I feel intimidated and don't feel able to cross the picket line?

If there are genuine grounds to believe that crossing the picket line would put you at risk of injury then that is an exception. In these circumstances NASUWT members should contact the headteacher/principal or an appropriate member of SLT to advise what has taken place.

What if I just don't want to cross a picket line?

In every other circumstance, members should cross the picket line having assured those picketing that they will not undertake work those on strike would normally have carried out. This includes not carrying out  break duties, marking, covering or doubling up of classes of those colleagues on strike.

When will NASUWT be reballotting members?

A notice of the intention to ballot will be issued on the 15th May. The ballot will open on the 5th June and close on the 10th July.

Why didn't I receive a ballot paper last time?

Only eligible members received a ballot paper, so those employed directly by a School, Academy or Sixth Form College. Only these members are employed by employers who adhere to the STPCD. Members with incorrect postal addresses and/or school details also didn't receive a ballot paper.

Does the ballot have to be a postal ballot? can I vote online?

All ballot paper must be sent to members by post to their home address. You will receive a ballot paper, a return envelope and some additional material explaining the NASUWT’s recommendation to members. Please do check your post daily as soon as the ballot opens. If you have not received your ballot paper within one week of any ballot opening, please contact us immediately.

The return address for the ballot paper given in the letter was different to the address on the return envelope. Was this an error?

No, this is perfectly normal. The ballot papers could be sent to the address given in the letter if members wanted to return it and pay for a stamp. Most people chose to return their ballot paper in the FREEPOST envelope provided, which had a special FREEPOST address.

Who couldn't take part in the vote? Which members were not eligible?

Supply teachers (unless employed directly by a school), members in arrears, members with no valid postal address, members with incorrect school details, those not paying by DD and student members.

If you have any questions then please contact the North East Regional Centre on 0191 5195300 or via

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